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My name is Curtis Peterson, and I live in the Indianapolis suburb of Zionsville, but I’ve coached in the Western Suburbs of Illinois and Western Rural Indiana. I’ve been in coaching since since 2005, and it’s my passion. My goal is to positively impact those around me. I married my wife Amanda on May 28th, 2011. Without her, I doubt I’d be successful at anything, and I mean that. I’m a pro-style guy, with experience in an H-back, singleback inside zone and outside zone based offense. However, my biggest success has come in an I formation, down blocking scheme offense (think Power, Counter, Iso, ect…). Defensively, I’ve always been involved in a 40 front defense, mostly a 4-3 over front. I’ve coached a number of positions, including the offensive line, defensive line, runningbacks, and linebackers.

So… enough with that boring crap, what’s Strong Football about?

Strong Football is designed to make a positive impact on you by offering insight that can help coaches.

Make sure you find out about Strong Football’s terrific contributors as well.

4 thoughts on “About Strong Football & CoachCP

  1. Danny Amaya

    As a first year coach, do you need to be extra tough during preseason to establish yourself as the leader and earn the players respect? I’m writing a my senior paper on coaching philosophies.

    Any feed back would be great.

    1. CoachCP Post author

      Nope. Coaches need to be who they are. Some are tough. Some are “players coaches”. Coaches should never go out of their way to to be someone they are not, the kids will see through it every time. I know this from experience (personal and watching others).

  2. CoachCP Post author

    Joe, please check your inbox at the address of muscoproperties. I sent you the e-book. I also replied to you on a few occasions with very specific instructions on how to download it, including the fact that no password was needed. Also, you were charged twice because you ordered it in two separate days. I will refund one of those days, but since it was over a month ago, it may take a few days to reflect on your account.

  3. Coach Rick Echols

    Reviewed some of your articles I stumbled upon by accident in my football searches. Speaking as a coach for over two decades…GREAT insight, input and resources !

    Logged as a favorite site on the laptop.

    Bringing back the Fullback!

    Coach Rick


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