Football Coaching Gripes


Top 10 Football Coaching Gripes

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Football Coaching Gripe #10

You can’t believe that you actually have to get in a car anymore to trade film in the first place. Nothing can make this situation any worse until you hear your stomach churn. . .

. . .You suddenly have to take a dump along the way and there’s absolutely no places to stop. #dropaduece

Football Coaching Gripe #9

We live in a world of lawsuits and social media scares. That’s why your eyebrows are raised and your heart skips a beat when you hear your female student trainer say to “stick it in here”. . .

. . .Luckily she was talking about fixing a helmet strap.

Football Coaching Gripe #8

Football Parents

You’re appreciative to a point. You’d like to thank the parents for helping, but geez…

Still, you’d rather they not help get you a big doctor bill after they a cooked pregame meal that sent your stomach to another universe while making your ass breathe fire.

Football Coaching Gripe #7

You read the right books. Heck, you even had Coach Huey come to your house. On top of that, you pride yourself on toughness, but when it’s all said and done

Football Pillows… your team plays like their shoulder pads are pillows. #toughenup

Football Coaching Gripe #6

Started good, middle was terrible and the end was imminent…and that was only 1 year . . .

The only thing I’ll be remembered at this school for was being replaced. . .

Football Coaching Gripe #5

Nothing says STRONG like a good heavy metal tune…

Should I be worried that our team run out song is by Celine Dion?

Football Coaching Gripe #4

Playmakers not making plays:

Our post season highlight film is 6 minutes long.

Football Coaching Gripe #3

You are heterosexual, but you have man crushes from time to time . . .


Especially when you were wishing you were the guy coaching the other team you’re playing #theyarewaybetterthanyou

Football Coaching Gripe #2

It’s finally working for you. . .

. . . You’re about to break through!!!

. . . 4th and 1, Perfect play called . . .

. . .Perfect defense . . .

Strong Football and Coaching Gripes



False start .

Football Coaching Gripe #1

Coaching Complaints and GripesYou really wonder what is being said by everyone around town:

The bigger question, what’s being said around my house…

My wife’s friends question my play calling during her bunko games. #theyknowtheirshit

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