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  1. William Campbell

    Hello, i am writting to ask if you know any football coaches in sunderland beause i am setting up a 11aside football team, it will be sunday league and we are under 17’s, we as a team would be very grateful if you could tell us websites in the north east of england that have something like this what i am searching for if you dont know any coaches from sunderland. Thank you.

  2. Tammy Kovaluk

    Hi. I saw you on twitter and just wanted to let you know the blog is helpful. I have been working with JC Boice (said he knows who you are) as the speed and strength coach. And, recently, as a WR coach for a high school football team. He is making a huge impact here in Canada and it is very exciting to see the level of the players and game improve. The WR coaching position is new and have a ton to learn, so if you have any advice on how I can study during the summer, would love to explore!

    Yes, I am a female in a male’s game but it is my favorite…long life dream, I am really good at it, and outwork everyone :)

    Thanks and regards,

    Tammy Kovaluk

    1. CoachCP Post author

      Hey Tammy,

      Would love to be of assistance. Shoot me an email at editor[at]strongfootballcoach.com and we’ll talk! Regardless, I’d talk to the HS head coach and ask some basic questions (what offense you’re going to run, who he wants the safeties to try and block (safety, corner, or mix), and what type of passing concepts you’ll use). With those things understood, you can start forming the drills and prioritizing them for the season.

      But shoot me an email and we’ll go from there, or mention me at Twitter and I’ll follow you and we’ll get the conversation going.

      Warm regards,


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