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Cover 2 Trap: A Fire Zone Blitz

I’ve recently discovered Vine, a twitter app for iOS (and soon android) that takes short snippets of video and shares them easily. I’m going to start sharing a few of these football videos that I do on Strong Football’s twitter account. I wrote my first vine… Tweet on cover 2 trap you can see the video later in this post.

The big advantage of vine is how quickly it works. I will be starting chalk talk sessions using the #fbcoach hashtag. If you have questions or thoughts, please share them by messaging my twitter account or retweeting it. There is a lot of great football coaching material using that hashtag so check it out.

Cover 2 Trap

For now, here is my first Vine post, discussing cover 2 trap, a fire zone blitz that fakes like your rolling to cover 3 or a 3 deep blitz. The trap is actually in the strongside corner. He drops momentarily post snap to influence like its cover 3. He then settles his hips and plays the flat like he would in cover 2.

Cover 2 trap is a great zone blitz on heavy run downs. You can easily bring a safety into the box and run a coverage besides cover 3, while also taking away the quick game. A lot of people will run this coverage with 4 underneath, and that’s fine too. I just thought I’d share one of my favorites I’ve seen. By the way, there is sound if you watch it on my Twitter or vine account. There wasn’t sound at the time of this posting.

Now there are some weaknesses to this coverage. You have to have rangy safeties and your weakside corner needs to be okay on an island. I would run other coverages versus spread sets, like a 3 deep 3 underneath zone blitz using those now infamous rip/Liz match rules from Nick Saban.

Overall, cover 2 trap is a great alternative for your fire zone blitzing family if your seeking an alternative coverage. In regards to vine, I will probably sharing more videos take on here soon.