Cornerback Press Coverage Drill from Nick Saban / Alabama


Saban watching a cornerback press coverage drill

Thanks to for this photo.

I found this little gem on youtube, which is a great resource by the way. It’s short and sweet but worth your time. You’ll seee the Crimson Tide coaches doing a cornerback press drill with their players. It’s a drill that can be used for almost all positions, basically a mirror drill. Notice the footwork and the use of hands throughout the drill.

Alabama Cornerback Press Coverage Drill Video

Notice the fast feet and the eyes of the corner. In my opinion, the eyes of players is one of the most under coached aspects. Watch their heads as they mirror the defender. No contact is made until the receiver actually releases up the field, which is great for balance and not false stepping forward.

Around 30 seconds in the cornerback press coverage drill video, you’ll see the two receivers almost cross into each other. I like this, even if it was not on purpose, because offensive coordinators are using more and more tight splits or bunch formations between receivers to discourage press coverage, as I previously wrote about in the link. While subtle, you want players used to working in traffic.

This cornerback press coverage drill I think show’s some simple things we can all do as coaches as well get into our workouts. You don’t need pads, you don’t really need anything. It can be even used as a light warm up excercise or a prepractice drill. In addition, your kids can do this cornerback press coverage drill all on their own with a few teammates.

Overall, it’s a nice little clip for us coaches and even for your players on how to execute press coverage as a cornerback. Thanks to Mark Edwards for posting this on his youtube account.