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3 Ways to Defend Trips Formations from 1 Coverage Shell

Defending trips formations, even with many more spread formations, is still a tough task. Many teams will still check to one automatic blitz or one automatic coverage.

Well, that ends today! I want to show you 3 examples of how to defend trips from the exact same coverage shell.

For many of you, these are pretty safe adjustments too, meaning you’ve probably already got something like them in your playbook. You might not need my exact adjustment for defending trips formations, but maybe you can tweak your already existing concept.

We’ll present one slightly tweaked zone coverage adjustment, one man coverage adjustment, and finally a zone blitz. Again, all of these will come from the same shell. That way, you don’t need to teach new adjustments or give any tells to the offense. Continue reading Guest Post on Split Coverages in Football

I wrote a guest post for!. Make sure you check it out! It’s on split coverages in football (think quarter-quarter-half, 2 read and traditional cover 4, etc…). Here is a small excerpt….

Split coverages, whether they’re regarded as such, are used by many high school, college, and pro teams. While most teams also have a balanced zone coverage, like cover 3 or cover 2, split coverages are growing more popular. Perhaps TCU is best known for successfully implementing split coverage schemes.

Consistently one of the top defenses in college football, details on the TCU 4-2-5 defense are among the most sought-after topics in the football coaching community today. Whether it’s playbook information, or even a clinic talk, the concept of split coverages is very popular today, whether a team implements a 4-2-5 defense or another scheme.

If you want to read more, check out FishDuck’s blog post Split Coverages in Football.

Also, check out!.

TCU 4-2-5 Defense Explained – Cripes! Get Back to Fundamentals!

TCU’s 4-2-5 Video from Gary Patterson

The next top post of 2011 is one that I think almost everyone will enjoy since everyone loves extensive one on one clinic film from the top minds in coaching. In this post by Cripes! Get Back to Fundamentals!, the TCU head football coach Gary Patterson explains his vaunted 4-2-5 defense, along with the intricacies of his split coverage philosophies and how the front is separated from the coverage. The videos here are very valuable to anyone considering the 4-2-5 defense. I highly recommend visiting Brophy’s post on the 4-2-5 defense for anyone who coaches. It does a great job of illustrating the importance of breaking down the little details of football. It provides game film clips as well if I remember correctly.

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Runcodhit Football: Defending Trips

How to disguise your Coverage or Scheme when defending the trips formations

Another top football coaching blog post from 2011. The Trips formation annoys many defensive coordinators, and RUNCODHIT does a nice job of describing how to defend the trips formation in multiple ways. He describes four basic ways to defend the trips formation.

  • “A Cover 3 concept
  • An X-out concept like Special
  • A Pattern-match coverage with a safety poaching #3 (solo)
  • The Classic: Straight up Man or Man-Free”

RUNCODHIT does a nice job of describing what to call these coverages and informs readers of when to call them. This post also provides links to other in-depth articles on the subject. RUNCODHIT has some fantastic posts in general and you really should check it out!

By the way, has an interesting little forum. You should check it out.

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