Michigan State 4-3 Over Defense by Rob Lee

Here’s some football clips, sponsored by eFootballFlix, on the Michigan State 4-3
over front defense.

The full-length video on the eFootballFlix site is about an hour and a half in length, and it’s one of those where a lot of it is really good stuff.

michigan state 4-3 defense versus power o

Watch the clips to see how Michigan State’s 4-3 Defense is successful versus Power, like we see here.

You can get the full length video and stream it on-demand by signing up for eFootballFlix (they’ve got about 1,000 other video’s as well). Regardless, here’s some free clips below that show some of the nuggets in that video!

Michigan State 4-3 Defense versus Power-O

In the clip below, we hear Coach Rob Lee discuss how Michigan State’s defense uses it’s 4-3 over front versus the infamous Power-O play. Important highlights include the spilling by the 9 technique of the fullback.

michigan state 4-3 defense defensive line drills

In a perfect world, and I think Coach Lee would agree, they’d want the 9 technique defensive end to get a little more hands on with the tight end. Not too much, but enough to displace him a little bit better. It’s a good explanation of what their trying to do versus Power-O.

Michigan State 4-3 Defensive Line Triangle Keys

This is some really good stuff on the Michigan State defensive line triangle keys. One thing to point out, right as coach get’s started talking past the intro, you see a very faint V and P on the diagrams. The V is the linemen’s initial visual key. the P is the pressure key. This is something that can be taught at the high school level (even with Freshmen who are first year players). It may not be perfect, actually I know it won’t be, but they start doing it early, they will be so much better for it when they’re mature in your program.

defensive drills linebacker drills

Overall, I like this material a lot. I like the similarities between the 5 technique and 9 technique, so they minimize new teaching. This helps keep the defensive line from having to not only worry about assignment, but also the techniques they have to use. That means they can see and react, which is exactly what we want our defensive line to do.

If you’d like to see the whole thing, and you’ve already got access to eFootballFlix.com, you can go sign in and then come back and click this link: Michigan State’s 4-3 Defense and you’ll be taken right to it.

If you aren’t part of eFootballFlix.com, here’s the low-down. It’s got over 1,000 videos from Coaches Choice ready to be streamed on-demand for one price a month. It’s used by some of the best teams and coaches in the country to educate themselves and their staff. It’s $11.99/month for a single person, but you can hook up your whole staff for just $24.99/month (for a staff of 5, that’s about $5 a coach)!

I like to use it in-order to get a refresher on a current offense. Scouting tells you a lot. But sometimes it’s good to hear the philosophy behind something from an expert on the subject, like the coaches behind the videos. For instance, you might sell out to stop Buck sweep because a Wing-T opponent you face because they’ve run it a lot. Well, if you sell out on Buck sweep, you might not see it a lot if you face a good opponent! You’ll probably see Buck Trap and the Waggle pass, and get torched for a couple hundred yards rushing by the fullback and maybe on scrambles by the QB as a result.

Regardless, it’s a good resource for enhancing your knowledge and bringing your staff up to speed on your opponents or even what you run routinely.

I hope you guys liked this a lot, and I want to thank Coaches Choice, Glazier Clinics, and eFootballFlix.com for allowing us to share it here on Strong Football. There is really lot of other good nuggets on eFootballFlix.com that are worth exploring.