Runcodhit Football: Defending Trips


How to disguise your Coverage or Scheme when defending the trips formations

Another top football coaching blog post from 2011. The Trips formation annoys many defensive coordinators, and RUNCODHIT does a nice job of describing how to defend the trips formation in multiple ways. He describes four basic ways to defend the trips formation.

  • “A Cover 3 concept
  • An X-out concept like Special
  • A Pattern-match coverage with a safety poaching #3 (solo)
  • The Classic: Straight up Man or Man-Free”

RUNCODHIT does a nice job of describing what to call these coverages and informs readers of when to call them. This post also provides links to other in-depth articles on the subject. RUNCODHIT has some fantastic posts in general and you really should check it out!

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