Establishing Everyday Football Blocking Drills

Building everyday football blocking drills is not something that should be taken lightly. The offensive line coach needs to understand that everyday football blocking drills should not be established on the first day of camp. This process should take place well before the season in best the case-scenario. These everyday football blocking drills should be quick, take about ten minutes, and hopefully focus on footwork, handstrike and body position of the most used blocks that a team will run throughout the whole season.

Football Blocking Drills: Working with the Play Caller

Before every season starts, the offensive line coach and the offensive coordinator should sit down and plan out the season. They should look at what they expect to run the most, and try to break it down by percentage, especially in regards to the running game.

After establishing what plays will be run the most, the offensive line coach should analyze which blocks will occur the most time. This isn’t an easy process, as it involves identifying the most common fronts you will see, all of the offensive plays, and the techniques used by each linemen on every play.

By understanding which plays you run, and prioritizing the everyday football blocking drills this way, you can truly work on the things you do the most on a consistent basis. However, if you find that you have a lot of different blocking techniques, and not a lot of a few in particular, you may have if a problem. You offense may have too many blocking schemes.

Football Blocking Drills: Identifying Too Many Blocking Schemes

At this point, figure out how many different blocking schemes you have is important. Work with your offensive coordinator or head coach and identify how many different blocking schemes you have. If you have too many, that require a wide variety of blocks and they don’t recycle specific blocking techniques, no many what every day football blocking drills you run you will not be good at executing the majority of them.

It’s important to consolidate your blocking schemes for the mental toll they can take on your players, but also so you can really get good at establishing sound technique. Especially at the high school and youth football levels, time the most scarce resource. It’s better to be good at a few key blocking techniques via your everyday football blocking drills then to be average at best at a lot of techniques that you may use 3-4 times in a game.

Football Blocking Drills: Coaching Points

Once you have established a good amount of blocking schemes and you have found the top 4-5 blocks that your blocking schemes utilize using the methods above and described in my e-book, you can begin to execute them in practice. It is important to do these everyday football blocking drills during every single practice session. Slacking off in one regard will truly hurt you down the line. If, for whatever reason, your coach limits your time, try to do them before stretching or after practice. If you can execute these schemes post practice, you can also coach up their focus and effort levels. Post practice, especially after a good conditioning session, will show you how your team could perform in the fourth quarter. Emphasize focus on small things like footwork, hand placement, and communication.