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FishDuck.com: Power-O in the Spread Offense

I know I’ve been slow here during the season, and I apologize (well, I’m focused on our team, so not so much!). I did want to give you guys a post I never mentioned here that is over on FishDuck.com. Power-O in the Spread Offense discusses the famous play we all know I love so much being utilized in the spread. It includes some clips and plenty of new innovations to help make Power-O work from shotgun sets.

It also discusses how to deal with defensive ends who spill the guard to stop the QB dive and linebackers that aggressively flow outside to stop the sweep.

I do have some new posts coming soon, they just need some images, so make sure you keep coming back to Strong Football!

FishDuck.com Guest Post on Split Coverages in Football

I wrote a guest post for FishDuck.com!. Make sure you check it out! It’s on split coverages in football (think quarter-quarter-half, 2 read and traditional cover 4, etc…). Here is a small excerpt….

Split coverages, whether they’re regarded as such, are used by many high school, college, and pro teams. While most teams also have a balanced zone coverage, like cover 3 or cover 2, split coverages are growing more popular. Perhaps TCU is best known for successfully implementing split coverage schemes.

Consistently one of the top defenses in college football, details on the TCU 4-2-5 defense are among the most sought-after topics in the football coaching community today. Whether it’s playbook information, or even a clinic talk, the concept of split coverages is very popular today, whether a team implements a 4-2-5 defense or another scheme.

If you want to read more, check out FishDuck’s blog post Split Coverages in Football.

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