Offensive Line Combo Drills Video


Pretty nice video of some offensive line combo drills under the chutes from the Rogers Athletic Company on the Glazier Clinics football drills pages.

By the way coach, here are some football drills for other positions.

Offensive Line Combo Drill Possibilities

offensive line combo drill

Two possible reactions of the combo drill

My additional coaching points for this offensive line combo drills video

#75 should work to keep his shoulders a bit more square. He also get’s over extended, which is common under the chutes. He needs to bend at the knees and not at the waist.

#65 needs to get his feet in the ground quicker. Part of the problem for many teams running a zone or stretch play is the amount of time it takes linemen to get moving. That’s a coaching problem. We go slow to teach the steps, but don’t teach it full speed. A way to alleviate this is to simply show the kids how fast it should be, then show them how slow they are, highlighting the feet specifically and the footwork.

For the defensive linemen on the combo drills, I’d say he needs to hold the pad a bit tighter. Never forget to coach the defensive players on your blocking drills!

We don’t get a good look at the hand placement. However, this is a great video regardless. More coaches should use the chutes for offensive line combo drills, including myself.

Another thing worth noting is the “Packer Shield”. I love the fact that the shield has tight hand placements available.

A big beef I have with working with pads normally is it forces the offensive lineman’s hands to go wide. They go to the edges of the pad.

With this shield the offensive linemen have the opportunity to get inside hand placement, with thumbs up, without ruining the integrity of the drill.

Overall, on offensive line combo drills, it’s important to look for a few things. First the footwork. Second the eyes of the linemen (which we can’t see). Also on offensive line combo drills, we need to look at hand placements and finally if we chase defenders and turn our shoulders.