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Adding Unbalanced Formations to Your Offense

One of least utilized tools in the Offensive Coordinator’s toolbox has to be the use of the unbalanced offensive formations.

What I mean by unbalanced formations is either covering up an eligible receiver by other receivers to create an overload, or switching an offensive lineman and a receiver such as a TE to create dilemma between defending the passing or running strength.

Many option offenses often use different types of unbalanced formations, but not many Zone or Gap teams utilize these looks. The purpose of this article will be to present unbalanced formation concepts to these types of offenses to use against defenses when a schematic advantage might be needed versus a superior opponent. Continue reading

The Wing-T Offense: Buck Trap

I recently wrote on the Wing-T offense’s Buck Sweep, and it’s time to follow up on the Buck Trap. The Buck Trap is the transmission that makes the Wing-T offense run in my opinion, while Buck Sweep and the Waggle Pass are tires that make it go fast.

The Buck Trap is essentially your basic trap play from an offensive line perspective, except you have an additional wing player. In addition, it has a few enhancements that help it look like Buck Sweep, putting the linebackers and secondary in a bind.

The Wing-T Offense: Buck Trap Basics

The Buck Trap is your basic trap play, as I mentioned. While there can be additional rules added to it, the main concept is inside gap and trapping the first man in our outside the B gap on the line of scrimmage. Continue reading

Wing-T Offense: Bucksweep

In the Wing-T offense, arguably the best concept is the buck series. I’m going to cover the 3 main buck series plays, but let’s start with the bread and butter, the bucksweep. What makes the Wing-T offense’s bucksweep play so lethal are the 2 other constraint plays, buck trap and the waggle pass. But regardless, for many teams, the bucksweep is the explosive play they like to run the most.

I’ll start with the traditional bucksweep, then we’ll cover the enhancements my high school coach in my senior year showed us, which really let our wing-t offense explode. Continue reading