Quarterback Drills Video from USC: A Good QB Workout


This will be relatively quick, but USCFootball.com posted this quarterback drills video from their 2013 spring practice. It’s not perfect, but it’s a pretty good watch. It’s got 3 or for pretty solid quarterback drills, despite the fact it’s really a media piece. It’s worth a few minutes, that’s for sure! I’ll even take a shot at improving one of the drills.

Quarterback Drills Video

Overall, I really think some of the stand outs here are the initial pressure quarterback drills, especially after play action pass fakes.

quarterback drills

Set your receivers like they will be in routes you run, and have the QB read as such.

Another area is, after the pressure play action quarterback drill, we see a drill where the QB does a play action fake, then turns and scans from one target to the next. A way to improve this, unless we can’t see it happening, is have up to 3 targets down field. Have two defenders in the drill, and work them from side to side over the three receivers. Try to mirror the depths like some of your most popular play action routes. Here is a diagram of what I’m thinking.

I’d advise, with regards to the diagrammed image above, and this goes for all quarterback drills, start easy, then work up. Coach up the small things as you go. For instance, work on the drop first without a throwing target. Then add a throwing target to the drill. Then add pressure. Then remove pressure, and add another receiver. Finally, add defensive backs. If you got a really good QB, you can try adding pressure along with the linebackers, and tell the QB to be prepared to work on escaping the pocket through a pre-designed escape point for that type of pressure.

Finally, we see a QB defensive pressure drill where the coach uses hand bags to get in the QB’s face so he can’t get a clear throw off. The QB needs to emphasize throwing a catchable ball and seeing his target through the pressure. He needs to emphasize extension as well. Actually, Darrin Slack’s Complete C4 Self-Correct System is a good resource for throwing with pressure, and I’d highly encourage it as well.

Overall, while this was a video obviously designed for fans, it’s of use for us coaches as a refresher for camp. It has some Quarterback footwork drills, QB play action drills and it shows a few good Quarterback pressure drills. I think this “quarterback drills video” is a reason we should keep exploring youtube. You never know what gems you’ll find.

PS – I didn’t listen to any audio with this video, my speakers are broken, but it’s worthwhile on mute if it’s filled with media junk about who the starting QB will be.