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Basics of the Shotgun Power Read Concept

We see a lot of teams running Power Read concept. Some people call this Power Option, or Inverted Veer, or something else. Whatever you call the play, it’s the old school Power or “Power-O” concept.

What exactly is the Power Read concept? The offensive line is basically blocking Power, except the offense is reading the defensive end instead of kicking him out. If you do this from a 2 back set, the fullback or H-back player can now leak into the alley.

Power Read vs 4-2

Notice The Double Rather than a Combo Block on the 3 Technique

Let’s take a deeper dive into the play, including differences with the traditional power scheme and some clips from Baylor in 2013.
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3 Reasons to Run the Midline Option

The midline option is often forgotten in today’s days of the spread offense. The Zone read, the triple option, etc… all still thrive, even when the team is in the gun.

But what happened to the Midline option? There are a few exceptions, for instance, Oregon has been known to run it – must notably getting it blown up by Auburn’s defensive tackles in their national championship game a few years ago.

But unless you’re going up against first round picks with freakish like athleticism every play, midline option is still a good concept.

QB Midline Option Pull

Here’s 3 reasons you should run the midline option, no matter what offense you run.
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Coaching the Split Back Veer Video: Basics of Inside and Outside Veer

Split Back Veer

I placed a new video on the Strong Football Youtube account. This one covers inside and outside veer out of the split back veer offense versus the under front defense.

Inside Veer and Outside Veer Basics

This video will offer the basics on inside veer and outside veer out of the split back set. It won’t have a terrible amount of detail, but I feel it’s a good 7 minute video giving you guys the basics. Check it out!

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