3-4 Dime Personnel Package

See what coaches are learning about this 3-4 Dime Personnel Package – including Video

We are in an age of football where offenses spread the field and want to get players in space. It is essential that defenses adapt so they can limit the number of big plays and points allowed.

The 3-4 is the most versatile of all defenses and this 3-4 dime personnel package gives the defense more speed on the field and the ability to bring pressure or drop 8 into coverage.

The base coverage for this 3-4 dime personnel package is Tampa 2 with a run – thru “Star” that will run to the goalpost at 15 – 22 yards if he sees it is a pass. This package also has the ability to bring a field fire zone and a double edge pressure to keep the offense guessing. Continue reading

Here’s 3 Quick Passing Game Keys to Ensure Offensive Success

Find out how coaches are easily transforming their offense with no-new concepts

There’s been a lot of emphasis on the middle to deep passing game lately that the quick passing game is losing it’s luster.

A quality quick passing game can transform your offense, eliminate tendencies, and improve 1st down efficiency.

Quick Passing Game Key #1: BE QUICK

Emphasis on the QUICK. The quick passing game depends on swift ball release. Continue reading

Check Out All22Video.com

I wanted to provide a quick shout out to Alex Kirby (@AlexJKirby) and his new site at All22video.com

Note this isn’t an ad and I get nothing for this.

Basically it’s video content that you can stream with a whole bunch of Division 1 film. Most of it seems to be the All 22 and/or the end zone shot.

Alex seems to be adding film on a fairly routine basis. You have film from Auburn in 2013 and 2010, Notre Dame, Baylor, and many more.

I will say that it does seem to have more of an offensive focus right now, but that’s getting better. He just added Michigan State this week.


All22Video costs $19.99 currently year, and it’s totally worth it for the content alone.The user interface takes some getting used to, but it is getting better. The only real downfall of it is potentially the future of it (specifically if someone claims copyright; but I’ve heard no complaints about this yet!).

Overall, it’s worth the $19.99 easily, and you should definitely check it out and consider telling your head coach to get this for your team!

3-4 Defense Man Coverage Principles

The off-season is a time where I love to get together with local coaches and talk about defense. I am blessed to live in the Atlanta area, so there are a lot of great coaches that are willing to share their knowledge with a young defensive coordinator.

3-4 defense man coverage was a scheme that really interested me as I met with several defensive coordinators in the McDonough / Atlanta area. I grew up playing against the 50 defense as an offensive lineman and my eyes like having a balanced, five man rush with man coverage behind it. We call this man coverage but in all reality it is cover 1, but instead of a post safety, we have a low – hole inside linebacker.

Using 3-4 defense with man coverage is VERY simple, but it has been proven effective over the years. Continue reading

3 Reasons Football Coaches Must Be Salesmen

Guess what, you’re in sales even though your coach wasn’t

Take minute and ponder the answers to the following questions:

  • What percentage of your players truly believe in your offensive and defensive schemes?
  • How often do you field questions from parents regarding the validity of various aspects of your program?
  • How many of your players are seeking coaching or training outside of your program because they don’t believe your program offers everything they need to be the best they can be (this includes offseason strength and conditioning)?

Continue reading

3 Coaches Joining the Strong Football Team!

I’m pleased to announce that 3 coaches have officially joined Strong Football over the last month as contributing writers. All 3 have contributed to Strong Football in the past and each has contributed posts that have performed in an outstanding way.

I’d also like to mention that all 3 are exceptional leaders and each brings something to the table to help you, a growing football coach, become better every day. I’m saying these in no particular order, but the coaches joining the team are…
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Multiple 3-4 Fire Zone Blitz Coverages

Coaches thought Fire Zone Blitzes Were Just Cover 3 Concepts – Then They Read This!

The term “fire zone blitz” has become a buzzword at all levels of football, and the effective use of them has shut down many offenses. In this article I will explain two fire zones blitz coverages that can be used against every style of offense.

The coverages used in these fire zone blitzes are cover 3 and cover 2, which are simple fire zone blitz coverages that are taught at even the Pop Warner level. The secret to the success of these fire zone blitzes is that you are able to disguise them, because the pre-snap look is the same to the quarterback (2 high shell).

A lot of coaches do not like to run fire zones because they seem too complex, but when you break them down you will see how simple and effective they are in creating confusion and chaos for an offense.
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