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I wanted to provide a quick shout out to Alex Kirby (@AlexJKirby) and his new site at

Note this isn’t an ad and I get nothing for this.

Basically it’s video content that you can stream with a whole bunch of Division 1 film. Most of it seems to be the All 22 and/or the end zone shot.

Alex seems to be adding film on a fairly routine basis. You have film from Auburn in 2013 and 2010, Notre Dame, Baylor, and many more.

I will say that it does seem to have more of an offensive focus right now, but that’s getting better. He just added Michigan State this week.


All22Video costs $19.99 currently year, and it’s totally worth it for the content alone.The user interface takes some getting used to, but it is getting better. The only real downfall of it is potentially the future of it (specifically if someone claims copyright; but I’ve heard no complaints about this yet!).

Overall, it’s worth the $19.99 easily, and you should definitely check it out and consider telling your head coach to get this for your team!