Hudl Football Film Editing Software Review


I’ve had this entire off-season to take a look at Hudl for the first time. I know a lot of coaches are just getting into Hudl because their program finally bought it… or the previously owned program for football video editing was bought by Hudl. I was always very interested in Hudl, but I never once had the opportunity to work with it. So I hope you enjoy this Hudl Review, and I hope it helps you make some informed decisions going forward on whether or not to use it. Just an FYI, this is NOT a sponsored message, just my opinion.

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Hudl Overview and Applications

Overall, I feel Hudl, as a video scouting software, is very intuitive and easy to use. Unlike other programs that we used to have to work with, it’s straight forward, operates for the most part in the cloud (so you don’t have to install software to edit data), and you can give as many coaches as you want ownership of it. Huld is litterally on almost every platform too, so I can watch film in the car on my iPad, my Android LG G2x, on my wife’s Kindle Fire or on my iPhone if I actually had one. Of course, I can edit and breakdown film on my PC (editing uses one of a few programs).

Hudl Football for Mobile Apps

So for those of us who are mobile/tablet app users, Hudl is fairly good overall. The ONE thing I desperately want them to get working on the iPad is the ability to edit data. I don’t know why it’s not available, but it should be. I almost got a laptop just to get hudl editing capabilities, rather than the iPad. I don’t know the reasoning for no editing (if it’s a technological limitation), but that’s the one thing I believe is missing from the tablets. This one item is my biggest criticism, and it’s rather small when you look at the big picture of what they offer.

In regards to smartphone versions, Hudl works fine on my phone. Try to get on WiFi coverage when using it so you don’t up your data charges if you have a provider who limits data or charges you for going over (AT&T for instance). My 4G through T-mobile works pretty well when I want to watch some film.

Hudl Football Film Editing Software

Hudl has a few versions of their film editing software, one of which is Hudl Mercury and Hudl Video Editor. I know Hudl Mercury is a quicker service from my usage, though it has less features. They bill it as the “hand free” version. Personally, I like Hudl Video Editor though, because I prefer the additional options. Just as an FYI, Hudl Mercury is now available for the Mac as well.

Hudl Football Data Entry

Hudl, overall, is a terrific data entry program (even if they won’t let your tablet use it… they’ll let you see it, but not change any data!). Besides the lack of in-app editing of data, the best feature is the ability for multiple coaches to edit film at once on a PC or Mac. The best practice, I think, for doing this is to have each coach take ownership of one part of the data entry. Runningbacks coach is reponsible for down, distance, and hash, QB coach is responsible for coverage and other secondary items, OL coach handles run fronts and stunts. This can easily let you get data into the system quickly, which can mean more time for you to analyze the data.

Hudl Reporting and Analysis for Football

I will be honest, we’ve only had Hudl since the beginning of the off-season, and I have not done much with the reporting. I will edit this post when I do. I know they have tendency reports and a whole number of other goodies which look terrific. I know you can customize these to some extent as well.

Of coarse, you can export the file to Excel and use that as well. Quite frankly, I plan on doing this because I use excel everyday in my day job for things like this, so I’m excited to see how I can manipulate the data in there (for instance, using pivot tables).

Other Hudl Tools

There are other benefits to Hudl as well. You can text/e-mail all your players from within Hudl itself. You can use it as a recruiting tool. Obviously you can exchange video, which I can tell you we are all very excited about, because if your opponent also has Hudl, you can quickly exchange film.

Conclusions on Hudl

Hudl is a good buy for a staff, and I’d recommend it. No, you don’t own really any part of their products (unless you buy one of their remotes), but you will get some clear benefits out of using it, and it’s definitely cheaper in the short term that some of the other solutions we had as coaches.

Speaking of videos, has some good ones.