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5 Steps to Communicating Your Vision and Brand

We live in a “noisy” culture. These days everybody has something to say and everybody has a platform to say it from. There are many wonderful things about this social media age, but there is no denying it’s noisier than ever. When it’s noisy it’s hard to be heard and being heard is a critical component to being a successful coach.

In his book “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World” Michael Hyatt (@MichaelHyatt) shares his wisdom on using social media and the internet to build a business platform. While some of his wisdom isn’t applicable to the coach, much of it is. In my previous post, “3 reasons football coaches must be salesmen“, post we learned why we, as coaches, are all in sales. This post we are going to discuss why we all must establish and build a platform for our programs.

What is a platform? A platform is any position of influence you use to state, defend, and build your vision for your team. It’s a place where you state why your program exists, what you’re all about, and establish expectations and norms.

Here are 5 keys to establishing and building your platform: Continue reading

3 Coaches Joining the Strong Football Team!

I’m pleased to announce that 3 coaches have officially joined Strong Football over the last month as contributing writers. All 3 have contributed to Strong Football in the past and each has contributed posts that have performed in an outstanding way.

I’d also like to mention that all 3 are exceptional leaders and each brings something to the table to help you, a growing football coach, become better every day. I’m saying these in no particular order, but the coaches joining the team are…
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Why Some Football Coaches Never Win

This is a cautionary tale. You’ve seen them. You know, those coaches.

The coach who knows it all.CoachCP - Curtis Peterson

The coach who expects his kids to know it all.

The coach who can’t understand why his kids don’t know it all.

So, clearly, the coach who doesn’t know it all – but knows it all. Is that you?

I see more and more of them. Here’s a story on 3 football coaches, who won’t ever win. Continue reading

Football Writer Call Out

Have you ever wanted to write about football, but don’t really have the time or resources? Maybe you have a blog and you want to get more traffic?

Strong Football is still looking for writers, specifically on these topics:

  • 3-4 Defense
  • Defensive Back Play
  • Quarterback Play
  • Option Schemes
  • Air Raid Concepts
  • Single Wing Goodies
  • Split Back Veer
  • Or… just anything you’d be willing to write about!

If you’re interested, please shoot me an email at editor[at] (put the @ symbol in there instead of [at]. While there isn’t any compensation, you will have a featured mention on you in each of your articles. All articles must be 100% original for Strong Football and cannot be reposted elsewhere.

Regardless, join the fun at Strong Football. Even if you don’t have writing experience, we can work through that! I look forward to speaking with you!

Brief Pause from Coaching

I feel it’s time to finally say this. I will be taking this year off of coaching. Given my relocation to Indianapolis, a new job that isn’t friendly to coaching hours, I’m going to take a break.

I’ve had opportunities and offers from some really good programs down here in Indy, but time constraints won’t let it work out. I’ve considered youth coaching, which I might do next year, but given the fact that my wife’s favorite season is the fall, we’re going to take advantage of it. Continue reading