3 Coaches Joining the Strong Football Team!


I’m pleased to announce that 3 coaches have officially joined Strong Football over the last month as contributing writers. All 3 have contributed to Strong Football in the past and each has contributed posts that have performed in an outstanding way.

I’d also like to mention that all 3 are exceptional leaders and each brings something to the table to help you, a growing football coach, become better every day. I’m saying these in no particular order, but the coaches joining the team are…

Joby Turner

Joby TurnerJoby has been one of my best friends since our days at Wabash College. He stood in my wedding and he was my assistant coach when I was the Junior Varsity Head Coach at Crawfordsville High School in Indiana.

Some of his posts:

The next coach joining Strong Football is…

Kurt Earl

Kurt EarlI got to know Kurt (good name minus the “K” by the way) through Twitter. He’s an exceptional leader and has great thoughts on the spread hurry up offense, quarterbacks, and most importantly philosophy and leadership in general. He runs Compete4Christ and does an absolutely amazing job. His contributions in regards to philosophy and the spread game (we all know I love 21 personnel!) has really been a huge addition.

Some of his posts:

And last but not least…

Zach Davis

Zach DavisIf you’ve been around Strong Football for a while, you knew we lacked defensive posts in comparison to offense. That’s why getting someone with experience and success like Zach has been huge for our team at Strong Football. Having worked in multiple defenses, including the 4-2-5 and the 3-4/3-2 nickel, he’s been a phenomenal contributor and really turned a weakness into a strength here at Strong Football. He’s a great leader and you can hear him at clinics all the time it seems like!

Some of his posts:

You can read a little more on each of their backgrounds by checking out the contributing writers section, or clicking their picture in the side-bar on your computer or at the very bottom of this page if you’re on your smart phone.

Finally, and this is specifically for Zach, Kurt and Joby, you guys have been terrific. Thank you for your patience in getting all this setup (I’ve been moving slow recently!), and I can speak for all Strong Football fans in saying we’re excited in what you bring to the table next!