Football Writer Call Out


Have you ever wanted to write about football, but don’t really have the time or resources? Maybe you have a blog and you want to get more traffic?

Strong Football is still looking for writers, specifically on these topics:

  • 3-4 Defense
  • Defensive Back Play
  • Quarterback Play
  • Option Schemes
  • Air Raid Concepts
  • Single Wing Goodies
  • Split Back Veer
  • Or… just anything you’d be willing to write about!

If you’re interested, please shoot me an email at editor[at] (put the @ symbol in there instead of [at]. While there isn’t any compensation, you will have a featured mention on you in each of your articles. All articles must be 100% original for Strong Football and cannot be reposted elsewhere.

Regardless, join the fun at Strong Football. Even if you don’t have writing experience, we can work through that! I look forward to speaking with you!


One thought on “Football Writer Call Out

  1. Derrick Faulkens

    I would like to write articles on different football topics. From the viewpoint of a parent and a coach, I would like to assess the strength and weaknesses of various offensive formations and defensive schemes.

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