Let me know if you need help at AFCA in Indy


Hey Coaches,

A lot of you might be going to the AFCA meeting in Indy (through Tuesday), so I thought I’d give you a few ideas on what to look for.

Places to Eat in Indy for AFCA

Here are some of my favorites. I feel like coming from a food town (I lived in Chicago till moving to Indy) gives me some expertise. Regardless, these are all the local chains/places I like. Some are a little drive from the convention center, and some are even further out. But most are worth it.

I was really surprised at how good it is. * = I’ve tried it.

Mexican Food

I feel like Mexican food is always a win in Indy and its suburbs.

– Adobo Mexican Grill*
– El Rodeo*
– La Parada* (a hole in the wall of sorts – but really good. No beer though)
– Cancun Mexican Restaurant*
– Bakersfield* (unique tacos, great margaritas. Yep, I’ll admit that…)


– Colts Grille *
– Punch Burger*
– Scotty’s Brewhouse* (unique burgers, not my favorite but a local favorite)*
– Bubs Burgers* (This is a drive, but it’s been featured on those eating shows, and it’s delicious. They have an eating challenge. )


Here’s where you will struggle if you come from a good pizza town. Pizza, and no offense to any Indy restaurant, is just not at a high level. I’ll share with you some of my friends local favorites. The first one is the only one I enjoy, and it’s not really Chicago caliber though it is still the best around Indy!

– South of Chicago* (CHEAP and it’s a BUFFET w/deep dish chicago style pizza, best pizza in town, though like I said, Chicago natives maybe slightly disappointed
– Jockamo*
– Bazbeaux (most locals say this is their favorite)

Others that I highly recommend

– MacNivens* (great beer on tap, pretty solid food. Scottish restaurant)
– St. Elmo’s Steakhouse* (Very Expensive. Very… very good. It is a finer restaurant)
– Harry & Izzy’s (St. Elmo’s little brother. Less Expensive, still good from what I hear)

Socializing and Drinks

– Howl at the Moon* (If you want to relax and not talk football, howl at moon is a great dueling piano bar. )
– The Elbow Room*
– Front Page Tavern*
– Rathskeller (German)
– Breweries* (there all close to one another) Sun King Brewery (tasting room. You get a boatload of free samples. My favorite local brewery), Flat 12, Indiana City – you might be able to do some X and O talking at these places at the right time of day (especially Flat 12 and Indiana City)
– Georgia Street* (unique street w/lot of bars and small eateries)
– High Velocity Sports Bar* (near the baseball stadium at the big JW Marriott Building) – you should be able to go right there from the Convention center

I do have a recommended path for eating and drinking, while being able to socialize a bit. I’d eat at either Bakersfield or MacNivens, both on “Mass” (Massachusetts) Ave. Then I’d go to the other one for a drink. I’d then hit up Front Page Tavern and the Rathskeller. Old Point Tavern is there too, and while it’s not my favorite others do like it.

I’d then swing back to Georgia Street before heading back to your hotel

If you want more help, contact me on Twitter @CoachCP or email me: editor[at]strongfootballcoach.com (use the actually @ symbol obviously). Just remember, you’re at the convention to learn, not sleep all day the next day hung over. That’s a waste of tax payer dollars (if it got paid by your school) and your team’s time.

If any of you want to get together and chat X’s and O’s, I won’t be at the conference due to prior engagements however we might be able to meet up on one of the nights. I work down town near the Breweries.

Good luck, and do spend too much time socializing that you miss the excellent coaches.