Announcing A Lot Of Great Things!


I’ve talked about it for quite sometime, but it is finally here. Strong Football’s first e-book. It took a lot of time because I revised it a lot. However, I believe this is a good starting point for what Strong Football is.

Get Developing a Physical and Aggressive Offensive Line

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Strong Football wants to provide you with simple answers to complex coaching issues. Some people talk about the need for everyday drills and why the do X,Y, or Z. My book talks about the thought process behind picking what those drills are, no matter what system you run. Not everyone should work on down blocking every day. Heck, some people need to work on the kick slide step instead. I teach you how to analyze your system in this e-book, and how to develop those drills.

Let me alert you know, Strong Football is not becoming a pay site. There may be the occasional e-book, but I will strive to improve the good length posts about topics that are important to us as football coaches that are free. I won’t make you pay 20 dollars to read them every year (unless you beg me of course!).

Finally, my wife and I have just relocated to Indianapolis. She got a great job. I am currently looking for marketing or web related jobs, as well as a coaching position. If you are interested in chatting, please let me know.

Finally, the logo was redesigned last week, and the blog was redesigned this week. My goal was to speed it up, which my tests have shown that it is faster by about a 1-3 seconds, depending on the page. Please let me know if you identify any glitches or weird things.