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Want to learn about the 4-3 defense? Are you a football coach or even a fan just trying to learn some in-depth X’s and O’s about the 4-3 defense? This 4-3 defense course is for you!

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So what do you get out of the 4-3 defense course? Most articles will teach you about some fan aspect basics of the defense. They’ll explain some basics of coverages. But if you want to get something actually valuable, sign up for the 4-3 defense course. Here’s why:

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  • Understand “Gap Exchange” Principles
  • Keys to Defensive Line Play
  • Why the Miami 4-3 Defense became the standard in the 90’s
  • 4-3 defense Split Coverages (yeah, not just cover 3 or cover 2)
  • Defensive line stunts
  • Game planning pass protections
  • It’s constantly growing

Did I mention that the…

4-3 defense course is 40+ Days and is over 13 lessons long!

Yep, the 4-3 defense course is constantly growing, and currently lasts over 40 days. You will also get 13+ 4-3 defense lessons delivered right to your inbox.

4-3 defense course freeIt’s hard to go Googling for answers when you don’t know what to look for. I can’t promise you’ll learn everything about the 4-3 defense in my course. I haven’t learned everything and I’ve been coaching football and the 4-3 defense since 2005. But I will tell you that this will help give you an idea on what to look for.

Did you know that the 4-3 defense can be a 7, 8, or 9 man box just after the snap, depending on the coverage? Did you know that cover 4 in the 4-3 defense can actually get 9 men in the box and allows the linebackers to flow the fastest?

Learn about 4-3 defense fundamentals

The 4-3 defense can’t run without great fundamentals. That’s the honest truth. You’re defensive line needs to be able to get off blocks. Your linebackers, defensive line, and safeties in the 4-3 defense need to understand the gap exchange and scrape exchange principles.

Not convinced? Here’s a picture from the gap exchange lesson in the 4-3 defense course:
4-3 defense course

Now, you might say that’s a 5-2 defense. Well, in all actuality, it’s also the 4-3 defense shifted away from the tight end. It’s called an under front, basically meaning that the under tackle (reduced side), or three technique, is aligned away from the tight end. What most people consider the 4-3 defense is actually called an over front, with the three technique or reduction to the tight end. The 4-3 defense, as it’s known, is really just a personnel package.

By taking my course, these concepts will become clear. Now, my main point:

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