Here’s 3 Quick Passing Game Keys to Ensure Offensive Success


Find out how coaches are easily transforming their offense with no-new concepts

There’s been a lot of emphasis on the middle to deep passing game lately that the quick passing game is losing it’s luster.

A quality quick passing game can transform your offense, eliminate tendencies, and improve 1st down efficiency.

Quick Passing Game Key #1: BE QUICK

Emphasis on the QUICK. The quick passing game depends on swift ball release.

Many teams don’t push their QB to get rid of the ball – they just want the right read instead. Just like a “basic” but sometimes limited running scheme will work with deception and a quick hitting nature, the same is true for the quick passing game. Get rid of the ball before they can react.

quick passing game

The Y Stick Concept in the Quick Passing Game

Here’s a few ways you can make your quick passing game faster…

  • Go under center because you don’t wait on the snap
  • One side Reads – Call it from the sideline
  • Improve Technique – Eliminate wasted steps and unnecessary hand movement
  • Use a Stop Watch – Marc Trestman does this and is yelling to the QBs to throw

Quick Passing Game Key #2: Combo Plays

This is all the rage right now, but combination plays do improve the quick passing game. They can be done from under center or the gun. If under center, everyone executes the run except the QB and the receiver. It’s determined before the snap.

In the gun you can read it, but make sure you use a stop watch when coaching your QB up on it. Just because he has a read before handing off doesn’t mean the quick passing game should be slow. You can also do pre-snap reads with this.

Quick Passing Game Key #3: Call it on Run Downs

The Quick Passing Game can be the run game’s best friend. Even the most physical teams often have the best quick passing games. Call it on first down and take advantage of soft corners. If you have press corners, don’t be scared to use motion to back them off or use bunch sets or stacked sets. Just make sure you use them on run downs too.

This also helps destroy tendencies. Just make sure you practice your quick game every day, even with your offensive line so your QB gets used to seeing over the offensive line.


Don’t just assume you can make the quick passing game work. It honestly doesn’t take a lot of time each day, but it does take repetition each day. Remember, though it may take 10 minutes a day, if that’s 4 days a week, that’s a decent percent of your practice time. Call it accordingly and the quick passing game will pay off.


One thought on “Here’s 3 Quick Passing Game Keys to Ensure Offensive Success

  1. Rick Mooberry

    Great advice!

    I would also add to the list of leaving the quick game in the hands of the QB by the way of a “check with me” system. The quick game is to the offense as the blitz is to the defense. This means that the quick game must quickly attack the specific look and technique of the defense to be effective. Just like the combo plays, a CWM system doesn’t force the quick game into bad situations. For example, a squat corner versus a wide receiver running a hitch.

    The system I have taught the QB in the past gives the QB the option of throwing a Fade, Hitch, and Slant. If the CB is playing a press or squat technique, the QB is going to signal a fade (Note: when near the goal line a slant is a good call as well). If the CB is playing off, we know progress to the overhang defender. We are going to signal a hitch unless the overhang defender prevents us from throwing a hitch. If the overhang defender is close to or in the throwing lane of the hitch, the QB signals a slant.

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