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Ron Vanderlinden – Football’s Eagle and Stack Defenses Review

Ron Vanderlinden Bio

Ron Vanderlinden seems like an exceptional defensive football coach, and his book, Football’s Eagle and Stack Defenses is great as well. I’ve heard him speak and spoke to him at a clinic and he seems like a genuine good guy. I have no idea about any knowledge he may or may not have had surrounding the Sandusky case, so I will leave this as a football only review.

Order Ron Vanderlinden's Football's Eagle & Stack Defenses

Order Ron Vanderlinden’s Football’s Eagle & Stack Defenses

Ron Vanderlinden – Co-Defensive Coordinator and Linebackers Coach

Ron Vanderlinden is currently co-defensive coordinator and a Linebackers coach on the Penn State staff. He’s excelled by producing great talent at the position over his tenure at Penn State. He’s also been a head coach at Maryland, and served a stint at Northwestern and Colorado, running his famous Eagle and Stack Defenses.

Ron Vanderlinden – Football’s Eagle and Stack Defenses Book Positives

The book, Football’s Eagle and Stack Defenses itself is one of my favorites. I probably need to replace my original copy because it is so beat up. He’s done such a terrific job covering a number of areas. He spends just enough time covering the details of each position and how he “role played” players in his Eagle and Stack defenses. He starts out by discussing the the Eagle, and going through the alignment details, the coverages, and blitz calls. In Football’s Eagle and Stack Defenses, he finds a way to blend the Eagle defense with the Stack defense (traditional tight end strength aligned), in order to help combat certain formations. Vanderlinden believes that the Eagle defense is better suited for 22 personnel teams, ones that will line up and hit you in the throat. On the other hand, he believes the stack defense handles the spread looks of today better than the Eagle defense.

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Ron Vanderlinden – Football’s Eagle and Stack Defenses Book Critiques

I wish Ron Vanderlinden had covered nickle packages a little bit more in his book. I think it’s a big part of defensive football today and it’s hard to tell if he’s just in support of bringing an extra defensive back in or something else. Also, I feel a little more emphasis on drills would have been nice. However… he does cover the football drills aspect in Football’s Eagle and Stack Defenses more than others do in most of their comprehensive scheme books.

Conclusions on Ron Vanderlinden’s Book – Football’s Eagle and Stack Defenses

Overall, I feel like Ron Vanderlinden’s Football Eagle and Stack Defeneses book is a great buy, and something every football coach should have in his library. If you’re interested in ordering it, you can get some great deals on Amazon. If you’re interested in getting this book, please use this link and order Ron Vanderlinden’s Football’s Eagle & Stack Defenses. Also, make sure you visit