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Use Hash Tag #coachftbl to Talk to Football Coaches on Twitter

I’ve been thinking about how the coaching community could speak in real time. There seem to be a lot of football coaches on Twitter. I would love to see football coaches break down scheme of live games in real time, go back and forth on how to break down coverages, or get input from multiple football coaches all at once. It would be rapid fire, mobile, and you’d get a lot of feed back quick (in theory!).

I’m encouraging all football coaches to use the hash tag #coachftbl (just place that in your post) and you can see the entire conversation going back and forth. There are some examples already up between myself and a few coaches.

I can’t manage the conversation, but it would be awesome if we kept side comments out of the picture. Save things like “ooo big play by Wisconsin” for a post without the hash tag. Instead, if you want to talk to football coaches about it, say something along the lines of “Wisconsin is really breaking down Nebraska’s defense by running Power and Inside Zone out of multiple sets #coachftbl”. Then someone may follow up with a number of comments or questions, like “Any coaches got any ideas on how to install so much motion like Wisconsin #coachftbl”

Overall, #coachftbl has a chance to be great for the coaching community.