3 Dares For Football Coaching Clinics


It’s the season for football coaching clinics. It’s that time of year when coaches open up their minds and explore new possibilities. It’s that time of year where the veteran coaches tell younger coaches that something can or can’t be done. It’s that time of year when younger coaches fill there notebooks and buy DVD’s for 80% off the regular retail prices from the speakers themselves.

I have three dares for every coach out there for them to do during football coaching clinics. I hope you will apply these dares in order to make your time more valuable.

Side Note: I will be at the Indianapolis Glazier clinic this weekend (Jan 25-27) and am looking to network with some coaches! Please email me at editor[at]strongfootballcoach.com or contact me on my Twitter account @CoachCP.

Dare #1 For Football Coaching Clinics

Be positively energetic. Young or old, scribble notes. Ask questions. Talk to the presenters. Don’t be the sloth who is negative saying, “That only works at the college level.” Be the guy who asks why though. Why does this work? Be the guy who asks how. How do you see the adjustment that lets you run that play?

Use every opportunity at the clinic to be energetic. And please note, that doesn’t mean go get hammered afterwords. Be social, have a good time, but remember that today isn’t about you. It’s about your players.

Dare #2 For Football Coaching Clinics

Network with people outside your school’s staff. Do this for your players and for yourself. By networking, you might find out different practice methods or schemes that could help your program.

But I won’t lie. This is mainly for you between sessions when you’re not following up on dare #1. There is that old saying in coaching, you’ve either been fired, or you will be fired. Now, I don’t know how true that statement is, but I encourage you to meet others. Get to know your opposing coaches at neighboring schools. You’ll never know when you might need a friend.

Dare #3 For Football Coaching Clinics

Stay for the last day. Yep. I said it, stay for the Sunday morning session. I’ve heard two really good sessions on Sunday morning. If the one you stayed for sucks, go to the next one. The best part about these is the fact that they are small crowds and less hustle. Also, a lot of the vendors offer discounts on Sundays to increase their sales.


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