Football Fundamentals: So Important


Coaches, I was out watching a skills football camp for youth players today. I heard some terrible technique being taught on some core principles for line play. These core principles were things like stance and starts. The coach was barking out commands, and not really coaching. And the coaching he was doing was questionable.

With this being a fundamentals camp, I was bewildered. The most important thing for our youth kids to learn is football fundamentals. Three point stances. Two point stances. It doesn’t matter. Simply barking at kids to get out of a stance better won’t fix the problem. You need to correct each kid. Teach them to bend at the knees, not the waist. Focus on getting their hand placement correct. Get the proper weight on the hands. Get their weight on their finger tips. Keep the toes forward.

Coaches, I challenge you at your next practice, get better at teaching fundamentals. Get better at teaching fundamentals everyday. Work them into every day drills. There is no excuse for bad fundamentals at the start of the first game except for bad coaching.

If you don’t know how to approach fundamentals, or have a problem you don’t know how to approach, ask an experienced coach on your staff. Ask on my facebook group. Use the twitter hashtag #fbcoach. Leave a comment on blog posts. Don’t accept bad fundamentals. Learn how to correct them today so they’re not an everyday problem tomorrow.

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